Industry Sessions 1

Industry session 1 will take place on Monday, October 23, 10:20 am


TITLE: Nation-Building: Pathway to Canada’s Sustainable Energy Future

Abstract: The Bowman Centre for Sustainable Energy proposes an organization that will guide the selection of big energy projects and prepare them for funding, and approvals. We are working on projects in several energy value chains within a Canadian energy system to build Canada’s sustainable energy future.

Presenter: Marshall Kern, The Bowman Centre for Sustainable Energy

Marshall Kern is a Director of the Bowman Centre for Sustainable Energy, and one of the first Associates. He enjoyed a successful career at Dow Chemical with international leadership roles in regulatory compliance, and risk management. He has over a decade of experience as a corporate director. He holds a teaching position with the Nipissing University School of Business.




TITLE: Saskatchewan’s Cleaner Energy Future: Operational and Technical Challenges

Abstract: SaskPower’s plans for a cleaner energy future includes doubling the amount of renewable generation capacity in Saskatchewan from 25% today up to 50% total generation capacity by 2030.  The need to comply with existing and emerging emissions regulations, a growing demand for power, changing customer needs and ongoing investment requirements in an aging electrical system mean that the company is in the midst one of the most crucial periods in its history.   This presentation will focus on the operational and technical challenges associated with the transformation required to meet customer needs into the future.

Presenter: Douglas Opseth, SaskPower

Doug Opseth is the Director of Supply Planning and Integration at SaskPower. In his role at SaskPower, Doug leads the team with the challenging task of insuring that growing demand for power in Saskatchewan can be met while at the same time dealing with ageing generation facilities and increasing pressures on greenhouse gas emissions. Much of Doug’s work the past year has been focused on the development of SaskPower’s first Integrated Resource Plan and to planning for the integration of increasing levels of intermittent generation. Previously Doug had been responsible for SaskPower’s work with Independent Power Producers and led the negotiations of Power Purchase Agreements with private companies and neighbouring provinces.


TITLE: DER Interconnection Processes and Study Methods in Alberta

Abstract: Emerging environmental awareness, government subsidies and changing regulations have created an environment that favors the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Alberta. While an attractive option, these DERs are bound to drive a paradigm shift to both developers and electric utilities. Whether DERs are intended to offset load or to enable market participation, the traditional utility planning and operation can no longer cope with the evolving environment. As a result, Distribution Facility Owners in Alberta are moving towards enhancing interconnection requirements and researching technological tools to shift the interaction from an accommodative to a collaborative environment between DERs and Distribution Management Systems.

Presenter: Alex Nassif, ATCO Electric

Alexandre Nassif (S’05, M’09, SM’13) received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, in 2009. From 2009 and 2012 he worked for Hydro One Networks, Toronto, ON, as a Protection and Control Planning Engineer. He simultaneously worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Ryerson University. Since 2012, he has been with ATCO Electric and is in charge of Power Quality and DER Interconnection Planning. He represents ATCO in the development of CSA C22.3 No.9, CSA C22.2 No. 257, IEEE 1547.1, and CSC/IEC/SC77A. His current research interests are Power Quality, Distributed Generation and Power System Protection.


TITLE: Saskatoon Renewable Energy Projects

Abstract: Saskatoon Light & Power has established several renewable and clean energy projects. This presentation will present case studies on the Saskatoon Landfill Gas Collection System and Saskatoon Solar Demonstration Site.

Presenter: Nathan Ziegler, Saskatoon Light & Power

Mr. Ziegler earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005, and has focused his career on sustainable energy production for the past 10+ years. His role at Saskatoon Light & Power is to promote and explore new ideas for power generation utilizing renewable and/or low impact energy sources. Mr. Ziegler was project manager for the construction of the Saskatoon Landfill Gas Collection System, and oversees the operation and maintenance of the power generation facility. Previously he worked as a consulting engineer specializing in industrial automation, and worked on projects like the award winning Whistler Athletes’ Village District Energy System for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

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